How to study like an A student

So, are you having your exams soon? Not sure how to get going with your preparations?

Well, that’s pretty simple. The top three mantras to succeed in any exam are, being positive, having realistic goals, and following the set time-table.

One important thing to know about the exams is that, you can only be sure of the preparations, but, not the results. Thus, it is paramount to give your 100% for the preparations.

First, let’s discuss the three mantras-

  1. Be positive-

While studying any subject, it is important for you to believe that you are capable of understanding the subjects and scoring well in the examinations. This alone will take you really long way during the course of your preparation. Being positive or having confidence in your abilities, will not only help you study well, and but, it will also help you remember, what you studied. After all, remembering is more important, than simply studying. This, positive thinking, has a huge impact on the brain activity too. Positive thinking activates the reward centers in the brain, which eventually improves the brain activity, makes you more productive.

  1. Set realistic goals-

Having goals is important, but, having realistic goals is paramount. Being practical when you are setting goals, will help you access your abilities better. Having a clear picture of your abilities will also help you design your timetable, and prepare well for your examinations. Most importantly, having the realistic goals alone, will not do all. All will have goals, but, very few will have the persistence to make a move towards those goals. So, the second mantra would be to be practical and get going towards your goals.

  1. Follow a set time table-

Now, that’s an actual challenge. Just like the goals, many set the timetable enthusiastically, but following the same is a hard time to many. For this third mantra, the first two mantras become very much important. And, there is another mistake that many do; they set timetable without breaks or refreshments. This is actually bad for the brain. Processing monotonous information for long hours is pretty difficult for the brain, and only breaks can help in that case. As for the breaks, those need to be constructive, always. Listening to music, meditations, going for a walk, spending time in the garden, etc., are all known to be constructive breaks. While playing computer games, watching T.V, being on the phone, are said to be destructive breaks, which strains your brain, rather than, helping it relax.

With these three must-follow mantras, here are few other tips that will help you study and process the information, effectively.

  • Foods that boost concentration- Foods decide your studying abilities. That’s right. Your brain feeds on glucose, to function normally, and, when you don’t feed your brain with it, it becomes difficult for the brain to process the information that it is asked to deal with. Foods that are rich in omega fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins are important for the brain to function, effectively. Along with the food, drinking lots of water improves your memory power, which is the key to crack your examinations, successfully.
  • Sleep -Shut-eye is also important for your brain to function normally. Sleep deprivation makes it hard for the brain to remember things. So, for those who plan to study day and night prior examination, ignoring shut-eyes, is a big no-no. Some tend to be early birds, while, some are night owls; whatever might be the studying pattern, 6-7 hours of sleep a day, is a must. For this reason, some suggest Modafinil may help to maintain longer studying patterns.
  1. You are a good learner when you are a good teacher-

When you study or learn a new topic, make it a habit to teach it to someone. And, when that person understands what you explained him, it implies that you have studied that particular topic well. Your sisters or your brothers, or your even your grand-parents can be your audience. You teach them, they learn it, and you remember it; it is as simple as that.

  1. Prepare your own notes-

When you learn something new, you should try to write it down, in your own words, and finally, try to reproduce the same in your examinations as well. This actually saves a lot of time for you that you would actually waste, running behind your teachers/professors for the notes.

  1. Organization approach towards the preparation-

Lastly, it is the organized approach. Following all the three mantras mentioned above is itself the organized approach.

There in one thing to keep in mind; you should never think of multi-tasking when you are studying. Study one subject at a time, no matter how less time, you have got. Why? Because multi-tasking is a myth.

These tips should help you study well, crack your examinations, and come out of the exam halls with flying colors.

How to Be Productive – Modafinil

How to Be Productive – Modafinil

You want to know how to be productive, you can be if you know the right tips and if you have the right motivation you need. What are the ingredients of being a productive individual? We will analyze and find out in this article. But first, we need to know what productivity is.

Productivity, when it comes to business or being an employee, is being able to do multiple tasks in a day without affecting the quality of the results. The first step is to decide to be productive by putting away your mobile device. Productivity is being ‘productive’ in a period of time, wherein people who are not productive produce fewer results because they are not always able to work on their tasks because of numerous reasons. What are these reasons? Read on.

Reasons Why You Cannot Be Productivenootropics_header_image_1b


Simply put, you are always feeling lazy to do things. I don’t know what things or stuffs are in a lazy person’s mind (because I am not one), but when people get lazy, they tend to just lie around, sit around and do nothing, or maybe they try to pretend to do something but they are really not doing it.


Procrastination is when you have work to do, and you are delaying or postponing it. For example, you are meant to be writing that sales letter due 3 PM but you are postponing it by engaging in a friendly call or perhaps surfing on Facebook. Then, you are not being productive because you are not doing what you are meant to do, because if you do the things or tasks that you are meant to do then, you can do more tasks after each one. That, is one example of being productive.

Lack of motivation

According to a Harvard research study, when you have a lack in motivation, you cannot be productive. It is impossible to be productive when you don’t have motivation. Why? Ever wondered when you woke up in the morning and you feel so lazy to get up? That’s because you are not motivated enough to get up and do your work. But can you remember when you woke up one morning and you feel so energized and excited to get up? Maybe that day was pay day? Or perhaps you have a date on that day? That is enough motivation. But that is just one way to look at it. There are more motivations and situations that you can look at, but I think you get t he point.

Lack of energy

Of course, when you don’t have energy, then you simply cannot be productive. You just can’t even if you are motivated, even if you are not the type of person to procrastinate, and even if you are the most hardworking person you know. You just don’t have the energy to do it. So what do you do when you don’t have enough energy that you need to be productive?

Tips on How To Be Productive

Believe it or not, yes I am saying this to you. I know you know this already, but you are not doing it anyway so perhaps I can remind you. Eat healthy! Avoid those junk foods and empty calories. Eat more greens and fruits and drink plenty of water.

I’ve said that already but I want to put an emphasis to it, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. : )

7-12 hours is the good amount of sleep that any adult is recommended to have. You will not get more energy if you are insomniac, or if you have Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders because not sleeping, or resting, or those random sleep patterns and disturbance won’t give you enough energy to be productive.

Try taking Modafinil or Armodafinil813a87691aa79aef5b13cc4103f44619

This drug or medicine is a wonder drug because people with sleep disorders use this to treat their conditions. It is FDA approved and prescribed by doctors. When you take this drug, you will feel more energized and you’ll feel that you can focus more and concentrate more, hence, you will be productive. Actually, you will probably be more productive than ever in your whole life according to those who have tried it and found that it produced loads of results.

You can get a prescription from your physician, or, in most countries, you can just head over to a trusted online retailer of Modafinil like and you’ll be directed to the choices or smart drugs. By the way, Modafinil is Modalert, and Armodafinil is Armod, Artvigil and Waklert. If you are a beginner, you can try first the Modalert because Armodafinil brands are more concentrated than Modafinil brands, if you ask me.

Go and be productive! Reach your goals, step by step, and be smart.